Welcome to LC Sportsmaps Inc.

In 1996, LC Sportsmaps, Inc. was formed to provide a visual description for the Game Management Units for the State of Washington. Our information is obtained from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Public Lands Quadrangle Maps and the maps are color coded to indicate public lands ownership, with the Game Management Unit area boundary outlined.


The scale is 1:100 000. The scale on maps varies from 5/8" to 3/4" to the mile depending on the size of the Unit. The maps are either 25" X 38" for the smaller units and 28" X 40" for the larger units packaged in a weather resistant, zip-lock pouch.

Each map has listed in the legend area the 1:24 000 scale (7.5 minute series) USGS Topographic maps that are within the GMU boundaries. There is a grid overlay displaying the Topographic map within the GMU boundary.

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